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21's Journal
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Date:2007-10-17 11:24
Mood: working

This is the last post in Livejournal with this handle. Perhaps I will be inspired to have a journal again one day, but my inspiration for this persona has happily retired. There was only one purpose for this journal and now that purpose has been put to bed. It had a metamorpasis through several stages. From an attempt to communicate and share interests in a relationship, to the ugly idea of longing and spying, to keeping informed on life with...You

This is a happy ending.

As my pic named Faye would say. "See you Space Cowboy" :)


Date:2007-04-20 10:26
Mood: blank

I think i'm gonna throw up......


....I am gonna go be sick now.


Date:2007-01-08 15:25
Subject:kill me now....

15 mins on hold with country music in my ear. Please shoot me dead. Very dead.



Date:2006-12-13 17:45

My goodness, it's been awhile. Tough to feel compell to "get shit out" when life is pretty decent.....

We hunted and slaughtered this years tree on Sunday. Hockley Valley is a nice drive and the Blue Spruce is just gorgeous. On this 100% secular holiday (made so by the church themselves *shakes head*), I am finally comfortable with the idea of an xmas tree in the house. Infact, I'm good with most anything. We just have to talk about how we will raise our children before we get married, but damn, that's a killer conversation, so I'll leave it be here.

My b-day is coming up in 2 days and I quite excited about it. Reese and I are gonna go for dinner, just the two of us. On Saturday we have the ballet (Nutcracker) in the afternoon and then I figure it's to the Beerbistro for dinner. Sunday is the Chanukah party.....this means even more cake for me. Then between the office party at Sado, xmas, boxing day, my boys night b-day and new years..... better get the exercise bike out of the garage, lol.

Which brings me to ZOMG how the fuck did I get over 140 lbs? I guess my super metabolism is slowing down slightly. Lets put this in perspective - In fall 1997 I weighed 117 lbs in 1st year uni. I then went to 130 lbs in all muscle, working out religiously for 6 months. I lost it all after a shoulder dislocation. I weighed 124 STILL in 2003. In 2005 I was averaging 127 and NEVER broke 130. Now I'm 139 avg and 142 on a 'bigger' day. This is kind of a blessing. I use to work out and see no tangible difference in bulk. Now I can take this extra 10-15 lbs and shape it how I want. I'm very excited to take my daily pushups and situps to the next level. I'm also taking pilates in January.

I have lots to tell but I have to log. Will update more later.



Date:2006-10-13 12:40

I think that God in creating Man somewhat overestimated his ability.

Oscar Wilde


Date:2006-09-11 09:56

I can't begin to tell you my thoughts on this day of memorium. I can only tell you the affects it has on me. I'm a very calloused person, not in the regular conotation of the word, but rather that not much gets through to my core from the environment to affect me in a way that manifests itself in an emotional episode. Plainly it takes a lot and not very often does an event, person, dumb tv drama or much else strike me in a way that I breakdown, if that's even possible now. I feel though. I feel it deep in my core. I keep it to myself and deal with it by my own machinery, interanally and deeply dependant on a glass of wine or a joint. A lot has changed me since I first posted here in LJ. Occasionally an outburst (like the one about my bud Mike a few weeks ago). But all in all, i'm a grown man who keeps his issues on the inside.

And then I see the smoke swirling high into the bluish-grey sky, and tiny black dots slowly falling at 9.8 metres per second to the ground (I thought god may be the other way). And the words of Officer Smith who lost his wife Moira (sp?) as she attempted to save people trapped in rubble, smoke, and death....at the memorial marking the 5th anniversary. All the stimulae that remind me of that day break me down - so quickly. I am a scared child when reminded of that day. I found myself pulling over to the side of the road to clear my eyes so I may get to work safely. I think about some imaginary custodian at work in the pentagon, cleaning the waste removal buckets or the bravest people I could ever imagine on the United Flight, who in sacrificing their lives, possibly one by one, they averted further civilian deaths that day. And it all breaks me down to a point of vulnerability that I've never experienced before.

And as all people do I start to think about myself. Could I have been that brave that day? To confront the high-jackers or run into the towers to attempt to save anyone I could find? Could I deal as courageously with the loss of a fried or loved one as the three widows in the Kingsway area are? I find the answer is that I don't know. And I'm not sure. And in pittying my lack of knowing who I would be like in this crisis, I'm thanking that I'm just me. That my family is safe and my home is in tact. I have a life that anyone should be lucky to have and I am greatful and thankful that there are braver souls than me who are fighting to keep it that way.

To those people then and now....... Thank you :)


Date:2006-08-22 13:40

Stolen from www.instapundit.com


The constant calls, the people frightening his children, and the demonstrations in front of his home apparently became a little too much.

Dario Ringach, an associate neurobiology professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, decided this month to give up his research on primates because of pressure put on him, his neighborhood, and his family by the UCLA Primate Freedom Project, which seeks to stop research that harms animals.

Anti-animal research groups are trumpeting Ringach’s move as a victory, while some researchers are worried that it could embolden such groups to use more extreme tactics. . . .

Colleagues suggested that Ringach, who did not return e-mails seeking comment, was spooked by an attack on a colleague. In June, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for trying to put a Molotov cocktail on the doorstep of Lynn Fairbanks, another UCLA researcher who does experimentation on animals. The explosive was accidentally placed on the doorstep of Fairbanks’s elderly neighbor’s house, and did not detonate.

If people were doing this to animal-rights activists, it would be called fascism.


Date:2006-08-04 12:22

God damn Mike is pissing me off. How do you tell your best friend that his attitude is turning you off so much that you just don't want to hang out? Is it because i'm not Anti-Israel? Things started to change since the war began. He battles me on everything. I Don't want to battle on anything. If I were to tell him that the sun was going to come up tomorrow, he'd figure a way to argue me on it.

Plus the other day we're out for pool and beer (and joints) and previous to that, he said he didn't want to talk about israel. I was relieved. I was hoping he wouldn't bring it up either. He doesn't have conversations. He gives lectures, and thank you but i've had enough of those in my life. So we skip out to puff and he just gets right in my face and raising his voice about the issue, making the inference that if I didn't agree with him there was something wrong with me. Fuck dude!!! Back the fuck off. ugh...... so i just take it and let him rant. I don't actually contribute because there is no break and there is no opportunity to even change the subject. So I just take it.

So fine. We go inside and Pete shows up. Wooot! We order a pitcher and get a game of pool going 3-way. For the next hour and half, everything that comes out of his mouth was a shot or insult at me. I'm stoned, so i'm like what ever and brush it off and just joke around. But when i sobered up, i realized how rude he had really been to me. He broke a level of respect. It wasn't right. I won't let anyone talk to me the way he did. A few days later..... (Tues)...... I call Peter and during our chat I ask him if it was just me or if Mike was being a dick to me the other day. Peter couldn't believe I had to ask.

The very next day, i'm supposed to chill with my bro who i haven't seen in nearly 2 weeks. During dinner mike calls and asks if i'm coming out with them. Uh, yaaaaaa, i ammmmmm. *munch munch* Somehow he starts talking about maybe next month going to a poker tourny at Rama and i'm like ya sure, that would be cool! My mistake was adding the next piece, "I love tournment style rather than ring games. I tend to do better under that structure."


*sigh* so ya, next thing you know he starts an argument with me, mind you i'm not saying much and he keeps going and going and going. Something about that any tournaments i've played haven't had enough of a risk to be true play, so i don't know what i'm talking about. Since the only thing i said before his lecture was that I like tournament play better and I find I do better, he must have been trying to PROVE my self image wrong. Well he lost me and i put the phone down on speaker. I ate 3 bites full out chewed and swallowed. Then i hear nothing. I pick the phone back up and he's like "ya?" I'm like "umm sure". I got him!!! I wasn't interested in talking so I just didn't talk. Seemed like he was having a lot of fun doing it for me anyhow. so after a weird (for him, i imagine) pause, "ummm, i'll see later then?" I said "sure" *click*. I was so angry and frustrated that the phone found the wall across the room. Poor kitty got a scare. I finished my dinner and called luc and left a message saying i wasn't coming out. So now i've let him down and mike.

Apparently it's my fault i don't want to hang out with Mike that night. I'm sure mike told luc all sorts of stuff, cuz my dad said Luc's all worried about me. Apparently mike's all worried about me.

Well have fun worrying. I have responsibilities to my home with Teresa. I have computer hobby's that occupy a couple nights a week. I don't go out and get drunk on a wednesday because i'm single BECAUSE I"M NOT. Things change, people. I don't like to party and am uncomfortable in large groups of small talk where the only damn thing we have in common is that we may have smoked a joint or enjoyed some MDMA on New years or something.

OH!!! you thought i was done? well....no!!!!!

The fucking guilt trips that he lays on me. Everytime there's something going on, it's a pre-party (wasted) then a club or funk party or something (drunker) then after party joints and shit and more stuff and its like 3-5am when it's all said and done. I tried going to one of these and took off at 1am and i'm a "party-pooper" Well tough shit then. that's what i am. I have fucking responsibilities the next day and I can't be so fucked the next day that I can't take care of the groceries and house cleaning and gardening and all the little things the wife is gonna nag about. (she's pretty good actually) But ya, it was always guilt trips. Here's a recent example:

On the Friday, he says to me, "Craig's getting married. Bachelor party on Saturday night. It would be great if you could come" he adds. "Who's Craig?". "Craig!! Limey?!" "Oh ya craig ya i know craig"

So apparently I'm considered a good friend. We go WAAAAY back. My good friend Craig. Such good friends that we have never ever once called each other. We don't even have each others phone numbers. We have only seen each other as aquaintences through M&M parties once or twice a year. Real tight, i'm telling you!!! Mike twists this very convenient theory (for who i'm trying to figure out still) of how tight we are and how i have to be there. How i'll want him at my party. (what? i will? umm sure thing there wedding planner) So I tell him the truth, "I have ballgames this weekend and I don't know if it's tomorrow or Sun. Plus we have only 9 guys this week so if i bail, it's really bad. I'll have to check" Mike presses on me as if the last 20 years for my love and resolve to not miss a game has gone completely unnoticed and he lays this thick ass guilt trip on me if i don't come. So the next morning i get up and what-da-ya-know! Baseball tonight. I call Mike and he's really disappointed. I've let the team down. I'm a "bad-guy" inference was spread really thick. well fuck you too.

Here's another one! "I saw the new Shamyalam (sp?) movie last night LADY IN THE WATER. Better than all the reviews it got IMO." Response? "I'll never ever watch one of his movies again. They're terrible and a waste of money"

Well don't i feel like the brightest bulb of the bunch now. Fuck you.

Everything i say and believe in he rips. Anything I do? he rips. he tears me a new asshole on something everytime i see him.

So no. I'm not antisocial and there is nothing wrong with my life because i bailed on my bro. It wasn't gonna be a great time just the 3 of us. 2 fine. but 3 woulda been a crowd.

God this is tiring and i'm just ugh......tired of this. He's gonna hear from me how it is sooner or later. He's gonna hear all about this. At least i get a weekend to myself out of town with no chance of being obligated to do what he wants and believe what he wants me too.


Date:2006-06-29 15:12
Subject:Dreams really do come true.....

The SABL All-Star team at Roger's Centre after beating the OSSBA All-Stars 8-1

Dragons representatives

Me Standing on 1st after my walk, right before stealing 2nd and scoring later in the inning

I'll have a new pictures soon. They are on another comp :)


Date:2006-06-22 17:20
Subject:Dreams really do come true....

Friends and Family,

My childhood (and apparently manhood) dream has always been to play baseball at a MLB park. As some of you may already know, my dream has certainly come true. I will be playing at the Roger's Centre (skydome) this coming Sunday, June 25th at 8pm on my leagues allstar team. We are playing another allstar team from a Mississauga league. The game starts at 8pm and admission to the Rogers Centre is free. Seating is first come first serve. We have gone so far as to have a PA announcer, full pictures and bios on the jumbotron, and a game program.

The only piece of information I don't have is which gate to show up at, but it looks as though gate 7, 8, or 9 are the likely candidates. I will have this information later in the week.

If you'd like to read about it on our website, please visit www.sabl.ca and select the Allstar tab at the top of the webpage.

I'm so excited about this game that I thought I'd share it with you all. If you want to come down for some fun "grinding" style of ball, please do. I'd love for any of you be there. And........you won't hear any of the players whining about multi million dollar contracts or whatever. We all pay to play in the end.

If you have any questions at all just reply to this entry :)


Date:2006-06-22 17:06
Subject:i'm not even getting started with this shit......

You know... my advice to anyone who's dating a 20 year old. Skip a year and see them again when they are 22. Like fucking clockwork, every girl I dated that was 21 had to jump ship and find themself. I figured it was just me. So whatever you shrug it off. Then a buddy of mine was dating a younger girl a couple of years ago too, and she turned 21 and decided "me-ness" was a real word and she had to find it. okay then? maybe it's at the top of a fucking mountain in the Himalayas. Go fetch.

So life continues and the order of things returns. Actually no. I lie. It doesnt. The same thing happens to my brother. What the fuck is up with 21. Jesus christ. I'm not upset about anyone having to do their own thing and run peoples hearts over in the process. I don't care personally cuz i really don't have a heart, but 21 is my favourite number and these "chicks" keep tarnishing the good name of the number 21. Don't you know the best athletes in any sport use it? Ya!!! I've worn #21 on my jersey for 21 fucking years now. I'm about to wear it at the fucking skydome this Sunday in my dream-come-true ballgame and i can't help but think it's cursed.

A little piece of advice to all you girls out there. STOP FUCKING WITH my NUMBER!!!!! AND L2P. (K, a bit retarded but that means Learn 2 Play. I would've said L2LLANHB - Live Like a Normal Human Being - but i'd officially be gay and have a lot of explaining to do)

I think i'll wear the number 12 next year. The anti 21.


Oh ya "Me-ness"? L2englishlanguage.



Date:2006-05-23 13:57
Mood: calm

My oh my. Victoria, BC is the most gorgeous place I've been to yet. Under 30c that is. Too bad I was working. I would love to have driven up the coast and into the mountains. The event was smooth as usual, although they fucked us on our breakout room arangements. The crystal ballroom was supposed to be ours for the second day after the plenary, but of course they misread our agenda and scheduled a police ball to overlap our schedule. That's one group you don't fuck with so.... we get screwed.

Once again, do I have the word, "GAY" written all over my forehead? I mean jesssussss chrissst (lol). What is with my waiter in the bar lounge always asking what I'm up to later? And is every bar lounge hotel staff gay? Dood was really steller in his service, but come on. I give money, not head, lol.

I'd say it's nice to back and in the office except with my workload on the post production side, it's been stressful. Nothing serious, just that Danae was on vacation for the week and last monday, tuesday, and friday were completely high jacked for stuff she normally deals with. Go Team!!!

Yesterday, though cool, had to be the gardening day. We turned the beds over and pulled all the weeds, and planted stuff. I say stuff, cuz I couldn't tell you what flower is what (eg: wtf is a lilly of the valley? I have some though). To be honest, I pay rent and not a mortgage. I don't own. It sucks I have to take care of the place, but if I didn't, no one would. Hypothetically I could call the landlord, but i'm sure i'd get a swift "click" after saying, "Um, come by and cut the lawn dood." meh

In other Jesse news, I've started off the season decently:

1 for 2
3 BB
Team is 3-0. Go Dragons!

Of course I've picked up right where the baseball gods love me to be: In the way of a 80mph pitch. It didn't hurt much and is just slightly tender, but i've got a blue going on black/purple spot the size of a softball (funny cuz I was hit with a hardball) on my left ass cheek. Hello ladies! LOL

And in WoW news, i've started my first alt Littlejes and Jester is now a PvP god. Not to mention I'm running UBRS with the guild now. lots of neverending fun.




Date:2006-04-17 13:45
Subject:I'm not scared of heights but....

Random......If I lived in a high rise apartment, I'd kill myself. I'm very happy in my duplex. (I don't have to kill myself, lol) I couldn't deal with the inability to wander 10 steps to my car or sit on the deck with lunch. I'd probably jump if i wasn't on the main floor.

That is all

Oops no it's not



Date:2006-04-17 13:41

I'm finally a 60!! Jesterfielld has stood the test of time and I can now say that i'm elite in the World of Warcraft.

That is all.


Date:2006-04-05 10:24

I thought this was precious:

An English professor wrote the words:

"A woman without her man is nothing" on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote:

"A woman, without her man, is nothing."

All the females in the class wrote:

"A woman: without her, man is nothing."


Date:2006-03-29 16:02
Subject:Come on!!! I dare you! Anyone who doesn't agree, I beg you to respond!
Mood: haha, sympathic my ass!

"The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You don't blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the President. You realize that you control your own destiny."

Albert Ellis

You know what? This really freakin burns me up. Okay fine....I'll stop pulling my punches. It really "fucking" burns me up. Everyone works. Everyone has a job with aspects of it that aren't their hopes and dreams. But instead of accepting the fact that they chose to accept the terms of their employment or not recognizing that they chose to fuck around in highshcool and not go to university which on average would give them $1,000,000 more over their career earnings, they bitch about how it's everyone elses fault they aren't rich and famous. You know what fuck you. You don't like your coworker? fuck you! You don't like your boss? Fuck you! You don't like your pay? Fuck you! You don't like your hours? Fuck you! Name me one person who gets to like all of these! Oh really? That person. $10 says they actually worked hard to get there. Oh what's that? You realize that if you took responsibilty for your own life and actions and not blame it on your teachers, boss, friends, boy/girl friends, etc, you could be that person too? Good. I'm glad you get it now.

You know I work hard. I've been working 13 hour days the last week. That's my job. Would I rather be doing something else? sure i would. But tough shit. *sigh*

Sometimes I feel like the last of a dying breed. A person who respects a hard days work. Respects the and comprehends the value of money and how it relates to time. Someone who doesn't blame ADD/ADHD for all my mishaps. I respect that I have great hours usually and good boss. This makes me lucky, not short one of the others (money, etc.)

Some people believe they are owed. You ain't nothing!! Okay smarty pants, "you are not owed anything!" There are 5 billion people plus on the planet who wish they had your life (Whoever reads this) So before you start bitching about your job, think about how much fun it would be to living anywhere else in the world doing any number of things. Oops, sorry we don't want you back.

Rant done, but certainly not complete.

PS: I lied!!! it's called cognitive dissonence people.... If you don't like how something is going you either have to adjust your goals or adjust your behaviour. So what's it gonna be..... What I do know is that if you don't do one or the other you have miserable rest of your life ahead :)))))


Date:2006-03-14 12:04

I've created a monster! So I'm sitting there watching TV last night about 5 minutes into Jeopardy. I missed about 10 questions and answers because from the office came, "honey? How do I swim under water?". Next it was, "Where do I find the spotted sunfish?". Then, "Sweety? Where's Darkshire??"

She's hooked, lol. It's so funny to be around someone who plays this game. Shaun and Doreen came over with baby Tai this Sunday and I showed Shaun the game. He was hooked. Gabor is hooked. Garfield (just like me) bought a new computer just for the game.

Anyhow I'm at the point where I have my log full and 16/20 are instance runs. I need to make the time to do them.

I'm a geek :)


Date:2006-03-07 15:19
Subject:Who said dreams don't come true?.....part 1


2 years ago this past Sunday Reese and I hooked up. We've lived together half a year and I must say, I'm the happiest guy around. I don't have much to say except I love you honeybunny. I love you so much. Bunches!

All I ever need is for you to touch me, hold me, or look into my eyes. You're my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I'm the luckiest :)

So, i got her a present. No not that kind of present. Not time yet, hehe mwahhahah. I got us dance lessons. Salsa dance lessons! Anyone who knows me knows I don't dance. It just kills Teresa. When we go to a club, I have to bring certain friends to make sure she has guys to dance with. "Yo Mike, take care of my girl for me." It just doesn't sound that good, lol. So anyhow, the two of us will be creating our own rythm. It'll be great!!!



Date:2006-02-14 13:07
Subject:WoW rogues are so nerfed.....
Mood: aggravated

Cay, in terms of PvP, I'm fully aware blizzard says the game is not balance for mass PvP, but you cannot deny there is some semblance of intended one on one balance in PvP interaction among PCs.

Generally, when I read about how locks DC/Fear lock and dot me to death before I even know I've been attacked, Blizz or L2P noobs tell me it's situational. Ok, fine, I'll buy that garbage.

You know what else is situational?

All at least 5 minutes, and I didn't even mention coldblood (which is 3 minutes, and can miss, for 21 points, while DC is free, is unresistable, and on a 2 minute cooldown, but I digress).

So let's say you jump a warlock. We'll even say he's at half health, in fact, let's assume EVERYONE to follow is at half health. We'll even assume you have your PvP trinket up and ready to break fear.

So you ambush, we'll even assume you crit. Let's even assume he's in equal gear (for the sake of this, I'm going to say I'm in full SC and he's in full DM).

So his DM set gives him an extra 1140 hitpoints. Mines gives me 870. We won't even get into how messed up that is.

So I ambush, I crit, he's almost dead. I won't even mention a pet because it's situational. He DCs, dots, I sprint, vanish, and pray I get off cheapshot (depending on how far the fears ran me off). If I do, I probably win. Let's say he fears, and I die. How is it I'm supposed to deal with this? How do I get back into melee range when I can be UNRESISTABLY thrown away at a moment's notice.

This was with all my cooldowns, and it's at best 50/50, how do you deal with it?

Warriors- Overpower, against dodge, please, God, explain this. Deep wounds, instant dot. There's too much anger for me to even discuss a shout unstealthing me. Is this uber white noise?

How do you deal with it?

Hunters- I won't gripe about flair. Or fd/trap macro crap. I won't even gripe about being marked. Those are their class skills, and I can counter them, and they can counter me, that's working as intended. I will gripe about not being able to dodge ranged attacks that can crit me for almost my entire life, while a pet is on me, slowing me, and damaging me.

How do you deal with this?

Mages- No gripes, if I play my cards right, I should ALWAYS win (which is probably why mages need a buff, seriously). Although, can you tell me why lvl 1 arcane explosion unstealths me?

Priests- So my trinkets up, I break the first fear, if he's shadow, and he dots and kites me with mindflay, I'm probably not gonna win, but if I break fear (early) I can probably out dps him enough to win, so I can't really gripe here either, although its entirely situational.

Shamans- Not only can they outrun me at any time (assuming sprint isn't up), they have instant heals, flame shock keeps me in combat, and if they're smart, they'll just drop a nova totem and frost shock kite me.

How do you deal with this?

Druids- My biggest irritant of all. In any form, faerie fire INSTANTLY takes away my only class skill that matters (stealth). Smart druids will always dot me. OOMkins will root me and outnuke me. Feral will just come up and stunlock or outdps me while I can't vanish, and root if I sprint.

(I'm not mentioning pallys because I'm alliance, though dueling them they're amazing survivability drives me NUTS).

So Cay, I'm asking you, as a rogue, in PvP, how do you deal with these problems (specifically fear, and please, as hard as it is, remember all rogues don't have WotF)? Stealth is our class defining, nay, class NECESSITY skill. Yet almost everyone has a way to effortlessly take it from us, and keep us out of the necessary melee range. And bare in mind, in ALL these instances, I am still talking about having the element of surprise, so for all you flamers, or whoever answers, please do not tell me I should be waiting till they're half dead then attacking. I am waiting, and unless I crit on almost every hit, it's not working, I can't get back in melee quick enough.

So I guess it's a general question Cay. How do you deal with almost every class having a way to completely neutralize us one on one. (And this doesn't even get into the crap that is a rogue in mass pvp when people aoe and flair to look for us before we are even there, or blind being parried from behind).

I am not trying to be bitter, I am not trying to be constructive. I just honestly want to know how you as a rogue deal with the problems of our class, and if I really do just need to L2P, or if it truly is hopeless.

So that's me blowing off some steam. I'm cranky :(


Date:2006-02-13 15:32
Subject:Work, Work, and more Work.....

Every day that goes by means i have more and more piling up on the desk.  It has to be done now or 5 minutes ago.  My responsibilities are growing, not enough for me to hire someone under me:( , but......

....that's what happens if you don't want to make minimum wage, lol.  In all seriousness work is hectic and people ask a lot of stupid questions.  But i don't care.  at 5pm i walk out, drive home, feed the cat and watch him poke around outside with some wine {(or vodka more these days) and it's me with the wine, not him} .   Then comes either Poker or WoW.  God damn i've been giving my money away these days.  I'm good, but I keep getting rivered by these freakin chasers.  And i'm not leaving them pot odds either.  MF's.  Anyhow I haven't reloaded since, well a loooong time ago, but I haven't cashed out in nearly a month either.  I keep finishing at the final table in all my tourneys but seldom top 3.  Meanwhile Tony is up 8K.  I'll get it back.  When it ain't going for you, just take a break......

So I did!!  I got back from the Domincan Republic a week ago.  Reese and I had a blast.  I drank my all-incl. 5 star fees in the first 3 days, lol.  My god the ocean was warm and alive, I swam with real sharks and stingrays, and got a wicked tan.  Now would I like to have that money?  sure, should everyone stretch themselves to get away to 28 degree weather for a week each February?  Definitely. 

Geez, other than that??? just a ton of Warcraft when I'm not being begged to cuddle on the couch.  I think she finally understands that I don't want to spend all night cuddling all week.  Read a book or watch figure skating but it doesn't have to be with me all the time.  She's always great about me going out with the boys or poker or whatever without her.  Its weird.  She knows i'm not going anywhere, but every now and again she gets Cling'on disease.  That's all good.  I love everything about her, and that's the only negative thing I could ever possibly say.  Anyhow guess what my partial solution to this was!  guess! guess damnit!  I got her into Warcraft too!!!  LMAO.  It's like crack people.  100% pure colombian.  Once you start, you never stop.  I've read lots of accounts of people starving, quiting smoking, losing GF/BF, losing job, etc., all because they can't leave the screen.  Guess i'm lucky.

I quit smoking.  8 days and counting.  Don't even feel an urge.  That's because I want to and not fucking pretending like every who stops/starts.  It's all in your heads people.  Just quit or you'll die way too early (most likely 0__o)

Anyhow, I have tons of shit to do before the whistle blows.

*You know your kids are starting to grow up when they begin asking questions that actually have answers*



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